Untitled-1f_logo-2-crop-u7223At The Clover Clinic you are treated as an individual.  We work to find the cause of your health problems and treat you in the most gentle, natural and effective way possible.  We offer both local naturopathic care in Newberg Oregon and virtual home health programs.CloverClinic(11)

Our Providers: All doctors who work at The Clover Clinic are considered primary care and each has their emphasis.  Dr Leah Olsen is a naturopathic physician who has a passion for helping patients regain their brain function and for general well being.  Dr. Olsen also balances hormones and treats infertility, including the use of Baby in a Box. For more about our individual practitioners, click on the “About Us” pull down menu above.

Your appointment will typically take at least an hour as we cover everything about you, your health history, your goals and physical exam.  We may also order lab work if necessary, prescribe medication and/or supplements and you may be assigned some diet diary homework.

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what-isCloverClinic(55)Naturopathic medicine encompasses the full science of modern medical practices. It incorporates the newest biological, physiological, and genetic information without losing site of the impact that nutrition, environmental toxins, and stress have on the overall health of our patients. NDs take the time to carefully listen to and study each person’s complete physiological make up, acknowledging that each person has individual physiology. Using best practices from around the world, including blood analysis, lab work, and the full range of diagnostic tools, the naturopathic physician helps plot a course to optimum health using the body’s own healing strategies.

There’s a popular saying that says, “we are what we eat,” but the reality is we are what we digest and or absorb into our cells. A person can eat 3000 calories a day but still be malnourished on the cellular level.  We now have the technology possible to test for these deficiencies, food allergies and much more.

Helping patients understand the complexities of nutrition, detoxification, and cellular health is one of the key goals at The Clover Clinic.  We want you to be empowered by knowledge about your health, not to be an uninformed bystander, because it’s your body.

Naturopathic medicine may be different to what you’re used to.  Although an ND can use the same diagnostic tools used by MDs and prescribe pharmaceutical treatments, the ND always seeks the least intrusive solutions to every medical condition first to limit side effects while treating the true cause. Based on the unique circumstances of each patient, an ND may choose a course of treatment that involves dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional and herbal supplements, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, pharmaceutical intervention, physical therapy, surgery or other natural options that target solving the patients problem.

CloverClinic(72)Naturopathic medicine brings the worlds medicine together to find the best solution for the individual patient’s health obstacle. Rather than specializing in one physiological system or another, ND’s recognize that every person is a combination of many intricately and precisely combined physiological systems. They recognize that a change in one system can have far reaching affects on other organs and systems. The ultimate goal of every ND is to help each patient return to a state of physiologic balance with all organs and systems working efficiently and harmoniously together for optimum health as each body innately was designed to do.