Meet Dr. Dan Reed

dan-shot-no-stethDr. Reed graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a bachelor’s degree in animal biology, and spent 3 years post-graduation studying languages and teaching abroad. While teaching in China, he became sick from allergies and environmental contaminants, but found relief from the natural treatments he received, opening his eyes to the power of natural medicine. After returning home and researching medical programs, he realized Naturopathic medicine was a perfect fit.

During his medical training at the National College of Natural Medicine, Dr Reed completed a 1 year rotation focused in Gastroenterology, a 6-month mentorship at the Center for Natural Medicine heart and lung center, along with training in spinal manipulation, skin surgery, injection therapy and Intravenous therapy.

Dr. Reed will approach your symptoms as a part of the health of your whole body. As a Naturopathic doctor, Dr Reed will work with you at your own pace and will tailor individualized treatments to your needs, guiding you to a healthier life using gentle therapies including herbs, nutritional supplements, hands on structural treatments, diet and exercise regimens, along with traditional prescription medications. Patients of all ages are welcome!