I treat individual people in the most gentle and effective way possible to be at their optimal functioning.  I believe the body has an innate ability to heal that far surpasses what humans will ever discover about the body and mind, try as we may to outsmart ourselves.


Brain Disorders – From depression to Alzheimer’s, I’ve collected an amazing array of tools to regain brain health.  The side effects of my techniques are that you’re healthier overall.  If you have something wrong with your brain, you’ve probably been told that you have limited options, but please know that I regularly use neuro-feedback technology, botanicals, nutrition and a vast toolbox your other doctors don’t know anything about.  Having epilepsy myself, I empathize with conditions solely treated with medications to suppress symptoms.

Diabetes – it’s reversible in the majority of cases and, honestly, fun to cure!

Fatigue – It’s so general that it really takes a detective to figure out the underlying cause.  I love a good challenge.


Dr. Leah Olsen graduated with Honors in Research from the National College of Natural Medicine with her degree in naturopathic medicine.  Like any medical institution in the U.S., she first obtained her undergraduate with premedical requirements, bachelors in science with a minor in chemistry from the University of Oregon.  Dr. Leah contributed to molecular and medical research prior to and while attending NCNM at the University of Oregon and at Oregon Health and Science University.  She moved to Japan for a few years to teach English for a year and a half to hundreds of children at her various assigned classrooms in Nagano.  Upon her return, she made the decision not to attend conventional medical school, but to learn about natural medicine instead.


“I discovered naturopathic medicine right before entering into MD school and I was immediately drawn to it because in addition to gaining the standard tools of medication and surgery, I have so many more tools than I ever knew existed to treat disease.  I went to naturopathic school instead of conventional medical school because I, personally, was tired of taking medication and knew that this would be my main tool as a standard MD.  Rather than chase symptoms, I wanted to give my patients what their bodies needed to get back to normal from a whole person view.  I wanted to use botanical medicine, nutrition and whatever worked traditionally elsewhere in the world, none of which they teach at conventional medical school.

All signs pointed towards natural medicine; I wanted more time in the office with my patients, to find the root cause of disease, to use drugs only when really necessary and to use natural means to cure and treat disease.  In my own struggles with epilepsy, I wanted to know why I had it and, since I knew I didn’t have a deficiency in the expensive medications I was to take for the rest of my life to censor my brain activity, I was constantly asking to come off of them.  I realized that in naturopathic school, I would learn so many more tools to treat the same condition that didn’t have the side effects; physically, mentally and financially.

For epilepsy, for instance, I now know about amino acids, minerals, vitamins, foods to eat and avoid, lifestyle patterns, relaxation techniques, massage, water therapy, botanical medicine (both for prevention and acute uses), homeopathy, acupressure points, aromatherapy, neuro-feedback, and that list goes on.  Imagine if all I had to offer you was a medication that you would have to buy and keep taking consistently for health complaints.  It’s just not my style.  Medications have their uses and I am trained to prescribe them as well, but I have so many more options as a ND.  I love that I have so many tools.


“Enjoying the time I spent in both McMinnville and Portland, and since I moved around growing up, I decided to look for a town that would be close to both locations, community oriented and family friendly.  I also spent most of my youth growing up in a small farming town, so finding an area with a similar feel called to me.  Newberg was perfect.

Then I realized that it had no naturopathic physicians and the newspaper was packed with advertisements in the natural product industry that I would say are a waste of money and even have the potential to be harmful!  As I met more people in Newberg, it gave me a clear mission; to give people here the option for wellness that they are looking for and to make the Clover Clinic a great resource to the Newberg community.”CloverClinic(9)

As it grows with Newberg, The Clover Clinic aspires to offer more health practitioners of various types to patients for a more integrative approach including an ND resident, holistic nutritionist, acupuncturist, and massage therapist.  When you are amazed by the results you have as a patient, we encourage you to say so to your loved ones and help us grow and further impact our community.