website-width-text-makerwebsite-width-text-makerbb_nowave-u6546-frBoth before, during and after, it is so important for you to treat your body right.  If you know someone who wants to get pregnant, (or you really want to be a grandparent!), give Baby in a Box pregnancy program. as a wedding shower gift.  Ideally, you would have this Baby in a Box nutrition 6 months prior to conception, but baby’s come when they want, so if you are already pregnant, consider switching your regimen to this one, as it’s been designed specifically to support you in bringing a healthy, smart baby in to the world.  It will also avoid postpartum depression, brain shrinkage and low energy.

Click here for Baby in a Box! In the last 2 years, we have 100% success at The Clover Clinic helping women to conceive and carry babies, even with substantial fertility hurdles.





We are also distributors of Multipure Drinking Water Systems. Multipure is dedicated to better water, better health, and a better lifestyle.  One major difference between Multipure and other systems is the fact that is it NSF certified to do what it claims to do.  We challenge you to compare this standard with any other drinking system you are considering or currently have. Multipure is the premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water systems, whose vision is demonstrated through innovative water filtration technology and an extraordinary opportunity for success. To read more or purchase these excellent water systems please click on the link.


website-width-text-makerpurecapsfsnPure Encapsulations has 3rd party testing to ensure the effectiveness and purity of their supplements.  Dr. Leah Olsen visited their facility in Boston and witnessed the extensive measures the company takes to ensure what they say is in their capsules is exactly what is.  They test ingredients from around the world for contaminants common in the supplement industry such as heavy metals, pesticides, glues and additives using mass spectrometry before adding to their batches and after.  No machinery oils or contaminants from the plant are possible as the entire room is broken down for cleaning between batches and everyone wears a space suit. You get what you buy with Pure Encapsulations.


website-width-text-makerDid you know that over 50% of people who take vitamins are still deficient in one or more nutrients?  Do you know that not all vitamins and herbs are created equal and some can actually cause harm due to heavy metal contamination, additives and poor quality?  The Clover Clinic not only has physicians who can evaluate your nutrition and herbal needs base on symptoms and a physical exam, but we also have laboratory analysis so you can see in black and white what you do and don’t need in your food and supplement choices.