Dizzy? One easy trick… then we figure out

When people get dizzy, there are all kinds of causes.  One such cause, which can result from a various sources, is that the a tiny particle designed to tell you where you are in space by it’s steadfast gravitational pull on a bed of rocks in your head (Okay, they are actually called otoliths, but I think the rocks in our heads keeps us humble).  There is a simple maneuver that can be performed by a friend if not at my office.  Could you mess this up? Perhaps, but you’re already dizzy…



There are many different causes of vertigo and dizziness, so it’s worth coming in to see a good doctor.  I also believe that there are reasons for each ailment.  Perhaps you had a trauma that caused inflammation to the inner workings of your ear and wouldn’t that be nice to know in case there are other ares of inflammation?  One can be more or less prone to inflammatory changed in your body due to food allergies, immune system dysfunction, infection and even low amounts of the body’s antioxidants – how would you know if you don’t check?

The reason to care about symptoms is that symptoms are clues that arise from a bigger picture.  Much too frequently I see people after they are at their rope’s end; their energy is too low to think, they’ve undergone many surgeries and are on many medications, all of which addressed individual symptoms, (sometimes very necessarily so as they were going to not be a part of the world any longer without these interventions).  Still, I personally would love to prevent some pain of your human experience and let you truly live in the moment with your loved ones as long as possible… even if your first clue was just a little dizziness.

All the best,

Dr Leah

Vascular Age Testing

Carotid Intima Media Thickness (Vascular Age) Testing (offered at The Clover Clinic) is discussed by Dr. Seth Burrell as an imaging technique used to catch strokes and heart attacks before they happen.

This video is a short explanation about Carotid Intima Media Thickness Testing:

This video is a more in depth explanation about Carotid Intima Media Thickness Testing:


Money.  How does that word affect you?  What is your relationship to money?  If you’re like most people, you’ve fought about it, you don’t feel like you have enough (ever) and it impacts your health decisions; from the type of food you buy to the stress free vacations you aren’t taking.  As a doctor, it comes up all the time in the form of what treatment and labs patients can afford… but when it comes right to it, if we prevent death and add to quality of life so you can LIVE the short, ambiguous time you are given on the planet, what is it worth?

Still, there’s reality.

You need to know where you are at with your financial health.  You would feel so much better with a concrete plan that empowers you to know where your money is going and where it will be going.   The relief a savings account provides and the mindset to keep it growing while living your life to the fullest. You need an organized system and tools easy enough to be implemented with your busy life.

That’s why The Clover Clinic is offering the Financial Peace Class series.  If you’ve always thought you might want to do something like that, make “someday” today and sign up!  Get yourself there and breath a sigh of relief.  Bring your spouse for free and don’t waste anymore time and energy arguing or struggling with the money picture in your life.

If you experience stress about money, make the decision to give it the attention it deserves now, so you can feel the freedom of having money under control.


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It’s the time of year when many families in the world come together for the holidays.  The most meaningful thing about the holidays is the time you spend with loved ones in a warm, comfortable setting, laughing and sharing one another’s company!  However, if the aspect of gift giving is coming up for you, here are a few recommended items that are truly helpful, functional and leave the receiver with better health, so you can have more time laughing and carrying on with your shenanigans!

Stocking Stuffers & More:

1.  Clean water!  This ranges from Multipure’s bath ball and shower filter, which are not only beneficial for people with skin and lung problems, but all of us!  Indeed, the bath balls I recommend for all babies who have enhanced absorption of chlorine and cancer causing byproducts that are found in water today.  Remember, we live in a strange world where water isn’t water and food isn’t food; please know that now is the time to pay attention to what is going on and in your body.  If everyone did that and really carefully scrutinized, I would have a lot fewer patient visits, which is something you can prevent for your loved ones now!  Simply print out the copy of one o the following & order online or stop by the clinic and pick one up:

BR340 Bath For the Bath Ball information (no price shown)




Shower BrochureShower This does have the price, so stick a holiday sticker over it!  😉

As a gift, you could also consider getting a water filtration system.  This is a larger gift item, but getting your loved one clean water for a decade could be as little as $60 per month, but for that, you’ll have to talk to me directly (or just buy a system online, but I have come to know the “deals” which are not advertised)



2.  Food – yes, because we all need to eat it and especially when times are tough, it can be the most awesome gift.  I’m not talking cans of food from an outlet, but high quality mixes and spices that are mostly if not all organic and encourage eating real, unprocessed, but particular.


pheromone-cologne-menBefore you run out and buy perfume that brags of it’s attraction factor, you might want to know a little something about your biology.  There is certainly a strong influence of smells on the attraction of mates, but did you know that there are different smells for each match?  This is based on the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) in your body.  Everyone projects smells in to their environment and some of these smells, are chemical attractants to the opposite sex.  Most of the research has been on women’s preference in smells, as men seem to be less impacted by pheromones in their ultimate decision about who they choose to be with, but they are certainly impacted.

The MHC in each person is a little different and it turns out that we search for the MHC that produces the most different signal or odor than our own.  This makes sense for your body because MHC is actually a part of your immune system.  By settling down with someone who has completely difference genes, you are likely to have a better response to everything from your common cold to major infections in the children you have together.  You are also likely to have more genetic diversity, (and unlikely to marry the sibling you never knew existed), overall in your kids!
The twist in this is that several things nowadays can impact this genius selection.  For example, a woman on oral birth control pills will have a preference for men with more similar MHCs to her own.  This is unfortunate as when she comes off of birth control, she may find herself completely not attracted to her chosen love of her life.  The built in mechanism to find opposite MHCs will kick in and she’ll wonder where that loving feeling went!
So before you go slathering on product that might confuse the issue, (and you might want to go to the EWG Skindeep website to check it for harmful chemicals absorbed by your skin first) realize that your body has scents or a reason and although our current culture ignores these tools, they are useful… and they won’t go away.  If you haven’t found your mate, good luck… but be aware of masking who you truly are because long term, your uniqueness is what someone is unknowingly looking for.



Onions absorb viruses” is the summary of a viral facebook/email campaign. Firstly, onions are wonderful! They have antimicrobial properties and can come in handy when your immune system is put to the test. Remember, plants have been around for a little while and have devised all sorts of ways to combat bugs that attack them. Plants are smart; onions can be very useful for antibiotic resistant strains or in people who have developed reactions to antibiotics. Personally, I go plants (what you can find in the kitchen can be quite handy) before I give patients antibiotics in most cases. For those of you craving science, there is plenty, (click here for PubMed), ranging from treatment of drinking water to breaking down the oils, phytonutrients and other active components in onions responsible for such convenient medicine.


For some great valid uses, see below, but I wanted to point out a few things about the post I read on onions. First, suspect you’re being had when it claims that in 1919, they saw viruses intracellularly in the onions. Above is how big a virus is on a bacterium next to a red blood cell… pretty darned small. Likely why the polio vaccine was contaminated with other viruses when they started immunizing people with it – not the easiest things to see… and impossible with a light microscope.


The article also says that onions are the top thing to consider with food poisoning and you should never eat leftover onions because they produce their own bacteria. The author could not have

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