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Above all, The Clover Clinic seeks to bring you to your best.  When our patients have an obstacle in their health, we work with standard and alternative laboratory analysis, diagnostic exams, extensive whole person history taking and many tools, both standard medical and natural treatments.  Just as every person is a unique individual, so are their treatment plans.  When you become a patient at The Clover Clinic, you are an active part of your tailored journey back to health.  We are primary care physicians and can function as your sole healthcare providers or as your second opinion and adjunct advisors.


Brain mapping using LENS EEG technology is both a treatment and a preparation for targeted individualized therapy.  Neurofeedback trains the brain in neurological disorders such as autism, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s, etc. Neurofeedback using this newer technology requires 40% less visits than traditional feedback and can be very short lasting and passive.  The duration of treatment can be very important for patients who have movement disorders or attention difficulties.  Schedule a visit to see if neurofeedback is the right tool for you.  If you are a US Veteran, please inquire about our free program for the service you have given for PTSD or head trauma.


The Clover Clinic offer many tests to take the mystery out of what your body needs. We offer discount labs for cash paying patients without insurance, so if you need to know about your cholesterol, your anemia, your kidney status, etc, we do not mark up our labs for profit and we pay to receive wholesale prices.  For instance, Vitamin D is typically $243, but here, you will pay $11.  Please let us know if you have a high deductible and we will match you with the most economic route for lab testing in the area.

Naturopathic physicians are primary care and are able to prescribe medications via your local pharmacy, but we search for avenues to cure over just addressing symptoms, so it’s not as common at our office as your typical primary care clinic.  We also offer professional prescription quality nutritional and herbal supplements that far exceed what one can find over the counter (and are more effective as a result).


wordsdetails what exactly your body is missing based on what the white blood cells in your body is very revealing and takes the guess work out of supplement and diet choices.  This is a simple blood test that we can draw in the office.  It will tell you deficiencies and suboptimal levels of nutrients such as your B vitamins, minerals such as calcium and antioxidants such as glutathione, CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid.  Catching these deficiencies can prevent osteoporosis, accelerated aging, heart attacks and much more.  You may also be diligently taking vitamins you don’t necessarily have to waste your money on as your levels may be higher than optimal, based on the cell’s ability to function.

wordsIf you have a thyroid problem, you can have constipation, low energy, slow metabolism, dry skin and many other symptoms.  Standard medicine tests for your TSH, but we run panels that are much more thorough and tell us much more about the exact origin of the thyroid problem.  Since treatment can be more than just giving you synthetic thyroid hormone, these tests matter!

 wordsWhen your hormones are off, you are off.  It can make losing weight difficult, normal hormonal changes, like menopause, unbearable, the possibility of conceiving a baby impossible, building muscle mass more challenging and sexual dysfunction of all sorts a very real problem.  Knowing your hormonal levels will allow us to treat you with anything from herbal medications and nutrient therapy to bioidentical hormones, depending on the case.

  wordsImportant if you lack energy, have high amounts of stress, insomnia and/or having hormonal changes.  Testing cortisol throughout the day can reveal underlying dysfunction that would otherwise not be discovered on typical labs.


At The Clover Clinic, our approach to your primary care needs is tailored to you.  Our goal is to restore health and prevent further deterioration by stimulating and supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms.  We offer annual physical exams, routine gynecological exams, a full array of lab work, and care for acute or chronic conditions.  There are also instances when a  referral to a specialist is helpful; we can provide those as well.CloverClinic(51)words

The body can hold stress and injury in abnormal patterns creating an ongoing irritation in your body.  A full massage or even trigger point therapy can increase your productivity, improve your mood and functioning and save you from bone and body changes that result from this dysfunction.  Muscle tension can be like a stitch being pulled in a sweater, impacting farther than one may expect as the body struggles to accommodate.  Massage, with hot stone therapy and essential oils as additional options, can alleviate the tightness, move lymph vessels to increase your immune response to infection and improve joint function.


If you are experiencing bladder leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, pain during intercourse, urinary frequency or urgency, or pelvic changes since childbirth, The Clover Clinic may have tools to help you.  Dr. Flores offers a Holistic Pelvic Care Program that was developed by author and physical therapist, Tami Kent. When you work with Dr. Flores, she takes the time to listen to your concerns, she performs a pelvic evaluation, and uses a gentle intravaginal technique and breathwork to achieve release of myofascial tension, trigger points, and restore strength and balance.  Dr. Flores also offers a natural alternative to traditional pessaries for mild to moderate pelvic organ prolapse.


What are you capable with the power of your mind?  We offer hypnotherapy at The Clover Clinic for smoking cessation, evaporating phobias out of patient’s lives, weight loss, freeing patients from PTSD and much more.  With a willing client, hypnotherapy is able to make people more effective, confident and goal achieving.  We have 100% success in one session with clients referred for smoking.


CloverClinic(15)Diathermy is an excellent tool for lower back pain, herniated disks, sinusitis and even pneumonia.  How is it good for all of these things?  It is a slow wave form that intersects deep within your tissues to produce heat.  This means that the heat is not lost on the outside, but rather increasesmetabolism, drainage and ciliary action in the lungs.  It is used in retirement facilities for lung issues quite often, but our lower back patients report immediate pain relief after a 10 minute session.  This may also be covered by insurance, as diathermy has been used in the medical field for many years.


bb_nowave-u6546-frToo many women have problems having a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.  Make sure your bases are covered with our pregnancy preparation program.  Although Leah Olsen, ND is the founder of the “Baby in a Box” pregnancy program found online, being seen as a patient is optimal.  6 months pre-pregnancy is also the best.  If you have repeated miscarriages, please make your appointment because we address the cause of the problem using natural tools not found elsewhere. Unlike standard of care, you do not have to have 3 miscarriages to qualify for investigation.