wordsIdeally, you have time to think about what you can do for your baby before he or she gives you the positive pregnancy test.  If you’re pregnant now – make an appointment and look at “Baby in a Box”  If you are having issues getting pregnant or are planning on it in the next year, give the office a call and get started preparing for the journey!baby-in-a-box-raw-copy326x217


wordsFolic acid can prevent neural tube defects & mental retardation, but did you know that a large percentage of the population cannot activate the folic acid in supplements and those supplements can actually do harm?

Ian-w-stripe2Did you know that your brain will actually shrink measurably in pregnancy and you can prevent this while providing your baby what he/she needs for brain development?

Are you aware of the toxins & heavy metals you may carry that are released in pregnancy and breast feeding?  There were 232 toxins discovered in American baby umbilical cord blood meaning that our babies are stewing in environmental toxins before they are even born.

Many miscarriages can be prevented; do you know all of the ways nutrition, hormonal support and lifestyle modification can help?

Targeted nutrition, detoxification, hormone, genetic and heavy metal testing and much more are included in the Smart Baby Pregnancy Prep Program.  Do your future child an enormous favor and get started!